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Electronic Rice Release Order
Supplyco introduced online procedure for remittance of wholesale price for AWDs through any branch of Federal bank.For details 0484 2207923

Online farmer Registration
Farmers participating in paddy procurement scheme have to register through Online farmer registration process.For further details contact Paddy Marketing Officer of the respective district. Contact number displayed in Public Login/General Information/directory.

Procurement Rate: 2016-17 KMS
Paddy procurement rate Rs.22.50 per kg;that include-MSP - Minimum Support Price @Rs.14.70 per kg.SIB- State Incentive Bonus @Rs.7.80 per kg.

Quality specifications of paddy
Foreign matter-(Organic)-Max 1%, Foreign Matter(Inorganic)-Max1%, Damaged & Weevilled- Max4%, Discoloured-Max1%, Immature& Shrivelled- Max3%, Admixture of lower class -Max6% and Moisture-Max17%

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