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Cost of paddy to farmers
All payments due to farmers based on EPRS from 01.01.2015 to 30.06.15 @ Rs.19 per kg have been credited to the bank account.

Farmers acknowledgement;Register
Farmers who supply paddy are advised to sign the register which records details such as Name,Reg.no,Variety & Qty.of paddy procured,Token Slip No.& date.

The last date of paddy procurement during 2014-15 second season shall be 15/06/2015.Farmers please ensure that PRS is obtained before this date.

Procurement Rate: 2014-15 Second season
Paddy procurement rate Rs.19 per kg.MSP - Minimum Statutory Price @Rs.13.60 per kg.SIB- State Incentive Bonus @Rs.5.40 per kg.

PRS Computerisation
Supplyco introduced electronic device for issue of Paddy Receipt Sheet. The practice of writing quadruplicate copies of PRS has been replaced with token receipt from device and transfer of data through GPRS.E-PRS will be automatically generated and displayed in the website.


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